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Confine Mondo

Not every road has been taken yet.

About Us

Although we have our roots in different countries, in different cultures, although we bear different religious and political ideas and our birth days are years apart, we will accept only one boundary: our world, in which we all live and breathe. 

We believe that life has a million shapes, a million melodies, a million stories. 

We want to be one in our differences, to be rich in our differences, to witness the beauty of different shapes and flavours.

Professor & Students


What we offer

UniEurope, UniUK, UniGlobe, UniUSA

University Open Day tours fostering mobility among young people, and allowing informed choices about young people 's own future.

Open Notebook

Confine Mondo Philosophy

Education Comes First

At Confine Mondo, we strive to build an inclusive culture, against any short-sighted attempt to build castes and barriers within humanity. We do this through training programmes.
We belong one to each other. Shall our be a culture of solidarity, respect, and mutual appreciation. For only this will guarantee us peace and prosperity.

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“You cannot open a book without learning something.”


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