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Internships and Summer Schools

In conjunction with prestigious organisations, we have created Internships and Summer Schools revolving around cutting-edge themes and forward-looking areas of study which will help to enrich your formational pathway.

The aim of these experiences is to help you settle on your university career and the study path suited to you, by verifying your interests and abilities.

As these extra-curricular activities take place under the auspices of high-level organisations, they also represent an excellent opportunity to enrich your CV from an international point of view.

For high school students, both the internships and the summer schools carry formative credits recognised by the Italian study curriculum, as well as providing useful building blocks for the creation of an original and multi-disciplinary pathway in preparation for the oral presentation at the maturità leaving exam.

For university students - whatever their field - they represent an opportunity to increase their cultural capacity, to encounter a multi-disciplinary field of study, and to look boldly towards the future.

By taking part in the internships and the summer schools, you will be able to:

  • clarify the direction of your future university studies

  • approach complex themes in a simple way

  • work with a high-quality staff

  • widen and deepen your study pathway

  • take part in a fresh and exciting experience

Colleagues Working Together
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