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The UniGuidance programme has been thought up for those who want to build an internationally competitive CV to apply for a foreign university. 

This programme offers the possibility to enhance one's CV by proposing relevant activities in an international perspective. Opportunities which can support one's across-the-board and sectoral skills are selected and certified by accredited organisations. A significant amount of support in the procedure of applying to foreign universities is also offered. We offer tangible help in the filling in of the application form, and where requested, in the writing of personal statements and references. Selected experts provide their opinion on which universities one should send their application form to.

More details on the current programme are made available upon request.


With UniGuidance you can:

  • Broaden your CV with new certified experiences

  • Receive support during the application process

  • Receive help in writing your personal statement and reference letter.

  • Receive advice on the correct preparation and translation of the texts necessary for the application 

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