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Hogword School of Criptography for Young Learners: last news

Students from our high school participated from 7 to 10 May in the concluding activities of the Hogwords School of Cryptography for Young Learners funded by Erasmus Plus funds for small-scale partnerships. The project, promoted by the Association Confine Mondo of Rome in agreement with CNR-IAC, involved 22 students from the following European educational institutions: the National Colleges ‘Ion C. Bratianu’ and ‘Alexandru Odobescu’ of Pitesti, Romania and the scientific high schools Stanislao Cannizzaro, Amedeo Avogadro, Augusto Righi, Plinio Seniore, Camillo Cavour of Rome, Gregorio da Catino of Poggio Mirteto (RM) and Galileo Galilei of Pescara.




The activities began in the past school year with an exchange mobility and continued this year with a cryptography course held by lecturers from CNR and Sapienza University. In the final week, the students were involved in orientation activities for degree courses in mathematics thanks to CNR professors Apollonio, Pedicini and Franzina, in statistics thanks to professors Iona Lasinio, Russo and Gubbiotti from Sapienza University, and in engineering and computer science thanks to Prof D'Amore, also from Sapienza University. These sessions were accompanied by in-depth discussions on gender issues in STEM subjects. The concluding event was the cryptography contest in which they had to decrypt the text at the following link


Our students brilliantly passed the test and distinguished themselves through their skills and commitment throughout the project.




Here is the text decrypted by our students as a team with the other participants in the initiative.


Click here for more information.

The ‘Hogwords School of Cryptography for Young Learners’.for high school students promoted by our Association in partnership with the Romanian Association Imago Mundi in agreement with the CNR IAC, which was financed by Erasmus+ funds for small-scale partnerships, is entering its final week.


The Romanian students will be in Rome to experience together with the Italian students a week of orientation to scientific degrees and for the final contest of the cryptography study course carried out under the guidance of Nicola Apollonio (CNR-IAC), Paolo G. Franciosa and Fabrizio d'Amore (La Sapienza, University of Rome) and with the support of tutors Laura Afeltra, Matteo Cervelleri and Sorin Ulmeanu.

The schools involved in the initiative with their students are the Avogadro, Cannizzaro, Cavour, Plinio and Righi high schools in Rome, the Gregorio da Catino high school in Poggio Mirteto and the Galilei high school in Pescara together with the Romanian Bratianu and Odobescu high schools in the Arges district


Details of the initiative can also be found on the CNR IAC website and the partner association Imago Mundi

Check out the rich programme of activities attached here, which you can follow with live updates on our website!

La Hogword SCYL offre:

1. An opportunity for European citizenship and the study of cryptography for ten students
Italians and ten Romanian students selected through participation in the call for applications and passing the entrance test.
2. A one-week trip to Romania in spring 2023, as an introduction to
cryptography and an opportunity for team building in a European perspective. This is to lay the foundations
of an experience of European citizenship, of awareness of mutual belonging
to the EU, which, through the Small Scale Partnership (KA220), is funding this project.

3. A first-level course for the study of cryptography with lectures given by university lecturers on a

university lecturers on a platform during the academic year 2023-2024.

4. Meetings in subgroups on the platform (after each lecture by lecturers) supervised by tutors
4. Sub-group meetings on the platform (after each teacher's lecture) followed by tutors from the promoting association for problem solving and sharing of operational strategies.

5. Team building activities in itinere to foster a collaborative style and team playing skills.

6. A workshop in Rome in spring 2024 to close the project with
insights into cryptography, orientation meetings for scientific degrees with
a look at career opportunities and gender education in STEM fields.

7. A final cryptography event with group competition during the workshop in Rome.

8. Cryptography and other stories' workshops during the workshop in Rome. E.g. meetings on:
Cryptography and cinema or literature, religions, history, governance, art.

9. Creation of a social platform-site-page to collect the outcomes of the project
(publication of lessons and stories), disseminate them and share final workshop.

More Info:

write to

Preparatory Activities

The Hogwords SCYL project started on 31 May 2022!

The two partner associations, Confine Mondo and Imago Mundi, one Italian and the other Romanian, started their activities with platform sessions in June and finally in September 2022 the teams met in Rome to plan the project activities and experience common European citizenship.

They were three wonderful days of activities attended by Costin Dedu and Loredana Sima for Imago Mundi and Caterina Del Colle, Allyson Yauri Sarmiento, Giovanna De Paola, Gustavo Ranalli and Daniele Angelini for Confine Mondo, Nicola Apollonio for CNR-IAC and Fabrizio D'Amore and Paolo Franciosa for Sapienza University of Rome.

And now, in early 2023, it is time to open enrolment for the Hogwords School of Cryptography for Young Learners. This is a unique opportunity that we are happy to share with cryptography enthusiasts and those seeking international educational experiences with a European perspective.

After correction of the tests and evaluation of the interviews, we publish the results of the selection for the Hogwords SCYL Italian high school team.

The selected students are invited on 16 March 2023 at 6 p.m. on the Meet platform together with their parents and a contact teacher from each school for the first meeting of the Hogwords SCYL.

We would like to thank all students participating in the selection trials for their interest in the Hogwords SCYL programme in the hope of future collaborations for the benefit of their education. Email notification of the final result achieved will be sent to all.

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