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The programmes UniUK and UniUSA are aimed at students in the final three years of high school and are intended to support their choice of university studies. The format is that of '' orientation trip'' which allows them to encounter excellent universities thanks to students and professors which present their work, campus visits, aptitude tests and lessons which help them focus on the various subjects. The trip offers the opportunity to attend lessons in the subjects of interest and to interview students and professors from various departments. Students will step into university life to be able to then make a conscious and successful choice. The trip is preceded by a preparatory phase and followed by coaching meetings to guarantee a serious orientation path as an uncommon opportunity for growth 



With UniUK and UniUSA you can 

  • understand the path to choose in your university studies 

  • get to know prestigious universities 

  • experience a simulation of university life

  • learn how to prepare an internationally competitive CV 

  • understand how to prepare an application for a university abroad 

  • receive information on scholarships and student loans 

  • meet students and professors from all over the world

  • dive into American or British student life 

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