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In the Classroom

Youth Ambassadors

The Youth Ambassadors program is for secondary schools which are in search of an original school work experience, open to internationality and to forming people towards the greater good. The program consists of lobbying and advocacy activities performed by the students. It begins with the training on a theme of political current affairs and is followed by the drawing up of a petition which encompasses the students' expectations. The program comes to an end with the presentation of the petition to the relevant authorities, be they national or European


The details of the agreement with the Association for the Youth Ambassadors program are fixed directly with the interested schools.


With Youth Ambassadors you can 

  • Become the protagonist of your own future through study and the defence of your interests. 

  • Understand that studying and knowledge can affect the world around you 

  • Represent your generations interests 

  • Take on the inescapable priority of the greater good 

  • Get to know an important issue for your future in detail 

  • Create a shared text according to the protocols of a democracy   

  • Come into contact with political authorities and make your voice heard 

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