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UniEurope UniGlobe

The UniEurope and UniGlobe programs have been thought up for those who want to broaden the horizons of their study choices past national borders. These programmes offer the consultancy of experts in the sector of educational offers on european soil (UniEurope) and worldwide (UniGlobe). Opportunities are compared and the best offers of european and worldwide universities and study centres are examined. Visits to the departments of interest with personal meetings with both educators and staff members can be organised to create direct knowledge of the contacted prestigious institutions. More information on the program is made available upon request.


With Uni Europe and Uni Globe you can:

  • Find out which are the best universities in your field, in Europe and the world.

  • Get in touch with the department you are interested in 

  • Visit the university and department you are interested in

  • Have an orientation meeting with staff 

  • Prepare and conclude your research with focused meetings 

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