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Voluntary Work

The UK Voluntary Work program is for those who want a different holiday, to practise their English in the most fruitful of manners, aimed towards personal growth.  The program consists of a choice in voluntary work in various locations in Great Britain and accommodation in a family home. It is for both over and under eighteen. Among them is work in a bookshop of the Edizioni Paoline, in English charities, in the preparation of exhibits and events and support in various university activities. An area tutor is made available as a point of reference for the student. 

More details on the current program are made available upon request.


With Uk Voluntary work you can:​

  • Do voluntary work in Great Britain
  • Improve your English 

  • Live in an English family 

  • Widen your adaptation skills and solidarity 

  • Prepare and end the experience with tailored meetings to optimise results. 

Smiling Student
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