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Globe School Program

The UK School Program is for those who intend on spending a high school period in Great Britain. One can spend a semester or an entire year at a prestigious school in the British school system through this program. The logistical accommodation will be in the home of an English family selected by the British Council based on linguistic proficiency. Two tutors will be available to the student, one at school, who will follow the students' course of study, and one in the home area, who will take care of personal needs. In the associative UK school program, the schools are selected with the student and its family, based on educational values, costs and accessibility. The program is prepared during a series of meetings which allow the students to be the protagonists of their own study path and aware of their strengths. The program is then followed by meetings to summarise and optimise the results garnered during the experience.  

More details are made available upon request.


With the UK School Program you can:

  • Spend a semester or a year in a British school

  • Participate in the choice of school and location 

  • Expand on your disciplinary and linguistic preparation

  • Get ready for this path through focused meetings 

  • Have a tutor available to you  on site for your educational needs 

  • Have an area tutor available on site for your personal needs. 

  • Live in an English Host Family 

  • End the journey with summary meetings to maximise results 

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